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Things to Pray About

Posted by Vogeler on November 13, 2011

We have received some updates on the situation in the Congo.  Depending on how closely you follow world events, you may or may not know that there is a presidential election coming up in the next couple of weeks.  Apparently, there are some serious worries that the election will not be honest and that there will be a lot of violence occurring.  As a result, any travel to the Congo has been suspended until January 1st.

Please pray that:

1.  Anyone connected to our agency is kept safe.

2.  The election is resolved peacefully

3.  Travel is resumed sooner than expected.

Also, we have received word that several of the children have succumbed to meningitis.  All of the children who have died had referrals to families with our agency.  We don’t know if our little Adia is one of them, but hopefully we will know soon.

Please pray that God’s will be done in this situation, and please pray for us and for any of the families who have lost their child.  It may seem strange as we have never met her, but we already love her so much, and I am sure it is the same with the other families.

There are a lot of frightening things happening right now, a lot of uncertainty.  But, God is in control, and things will happen according to His will.  Adoption is messy; so many things can go wrong, so much fear, so much pain.  But to give a child the chance for a better life is worth it; even if Adia has gone to be with our Lord, we would do it all over again.


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Posted by Vogeler on November 7, 2011

It’s funny how a few simple things can ease a sore heart, lift the dark clouds of a rotten day.

Today, it’s “Bittersweet” by Jim Brickman, “Redeemer” by Paul Cardall, and the picture “A New Adventure”, found on

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