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Posted by Vogeler on October 27, 2011

We finally have some more news about the adoption!  Some abandonment decrees are almost finished (an abandonment decree is an official statement by a government that a child is abandoned and able to be adopted), and hopefully ours is one of them!  If so, we should be able to go get our little sweetie in January/February as planned.  We can’t wait!  We are traveling up to Ann Arbor, Michigan next Tuesday to get our biometrics taken (whatever that means;  I assume it means things like fingerprints, etc) with Homeland Security.  Maybe I’ll get to meet Gary Quesenberry from TopShot on the History Channel, haha!

In other news, inspired by the pictures of snowfall in her town by my friend Mer, I broke out the Christmas music yesterday.  Sorry Kelly, at least you don’t have to listen to it.  🙂

A few months ago I downloaded the iTunes Holiday Sampler, and I have to say it’s excellent. Three songs really stand out:  “It Snowed” by Meaghan Smith, “Dream a Dream” by Charlotte Church, and “A Snowflake Fell (And it Felt Like a Kiss)” by Glasvegas.  All three very much worth a listen.


6 Responses to “Updates”

  1. Too exciting! When will you officially find out that the abandonment decrees are finished? And you have to go to Michigan????? Wow.

    I should have played Christmas music yesterday…I wasn’t thinking. For some reason I just love the video on youtube of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors doing, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” I don’t even like the song…but it’s a husband/wife team that are so stinkin’ cute together…. I’ll have to check out those songs you like. 🙂

    And, your little one is going to be in for a surprise by coming home in the dead o’ winter. Brrrrrr…. But won’t Valentine’s Day be soooo fun!

  2. Bethany said

    Mer: They have been trying to contact the attorney this week and find out which decrees are ready, but they haven’t heard back from him. We were hoping to hear this week, but doesn’t look like it will happen. We are looking forward to bundling her in 8-10 layers so she doesn’t freeze to death coming from Africa to Indiana during the winter. Poor thing!

    Todd: I’m not sure why you said you broke out the Christmas music yesterday since it has been playing in our house since about July. 🙂

  3. Mer, I will check out that video! And Bethany, I broke it out publicly at work, sorry, I should have specified. 🙂

  4. Yay…that you will hear soon….but sorry yours wasn’t one of the ones that was finished.

    Let me know when you know more!!!!

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