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Posted by Vogeler on October 27, 2011

We finally have some more news about the adoption!  Some abandonment decrees are almost finished (an abandonment decree is an official statement by a government that a child is abandoned and able to be adopted), and hopefully ours is one of them!  If so, we should be able to go get our little sweetie in January/February as planned.  We can’t wait!  We are traveling up to Ann Arbor, Michigan next Tuesday to get our biometrics taken (whatever that means;  I assume it means things like fingerprints, etc) with Homeland Security.  Maybe I’ll get to meet Gary Quesenberry from TopShot on the History Channel, haha!

In other news, inspired by the pictures of snowfall in her town by my friend Mer, I broke out the Christmas music yesterday.  Sorry Kelly, at least you don’t have to listen to it.  🙂

A few months ago I downloaded the iTunes Holiday Sampler, and I have to say it’s excellent. Three songs really stand out:  “It Snowed” by Meaghan Smith, “Dream a Dream” by Charlotte Church, and “A Snowflake Fell (And it Felt Like a Kiss)” by Glasvegas.  All three very much worth a listen.


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The Disconnect

Posted by Vogeler on October 4, 2011

We were made to connect with each other.  Even those of us who are introverts still have a need for deep, meaningful relationship.  Until relatively recently, the realities of daily life meant that people were dependent on each other.  People came together for social interaction, to help with large projects such as farming or building, and for mutual defense.  But now we have all of these new and wonderful technologies (most of which I do enjoy) that, while useful, often act as a substitute for true relationship, true community.  I’ve experienced this myself.  I have grown extremely close to a group of people on an internet chat board, while only having shallow and transitory relationships in real life.   And I have sat playing video games for hours on end rather than talking with my neighbors or playing with my children.

But lately I’ve become dissatisfied with some of the relationships in my life.  I’m no longer interested in friendships that bring no meaning or depth to my life.  I’m no longer interested in relationships with people who aren’t committed to growth, whether mental, spiritual, or emotional.  I’m no longer interested in relationships with people who aren’t interested in forming actual connections.  Quite frankly, I don’t have the time or energy to invest in relationships from which I get little to no return.  Thankfully, I have a small number of men with whom I am developing real friendships, but it’s a slow process, and I often feel like I am very alone in this.

I don’t know the answer to this problem, but I do know that many of the problems plaguing our society stem directly from our lack of “interconnectedness” and dependence on each other.  I want to strongly encourage you, dear readers (all 7 of you, haha!) to consciously look at your relationships, and work to deepen them (I said “work” because it is work, and hard work indeed!).  Even though it may be difficult or uncomfortable at first, I promise you the rewards will be well worth the cost.

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