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Amazing Love

Posted by Vogeler on August 10, 2011

“And three days later, the Father raised him from death. And the Son now looks at you and says, “The wage for sin is death. Since I died, why don’t you tell me you’re sorry and I’ll have my death count for you? So that the Father won’t be angry at you, so that you won’t be eternally condemned, so that I won’t be the stone that crushes you. I’ll be the cornerstone that helps you rebuild a whole new life that glorifies God and bears fruit that will last.”

So the Son looks at you today and he says, “How about your murder of me counts so that it would be my death in your place?” And then the Father looks at you and says, “If you will take that kind offer from my Son, here’s what I’ll do. “I’ll adopt you into my family called the church. I’ll give you my name, the family name of Christian. And I’ll call you my beloved son as well.” You say, “But I hated your Son and I murdered him.” “I know. But he’s willing to allow his death to pay for your forgiveness. And if you will receive that, I’m willing to adopt you into our family. Not only that, because you were greedy and selfish and all you wanted was stuff, I’ll give you an inheritance. I’ll give you an inheritance that begins with the indwelling presence and power of the Holy Spirit and it culminates where one day you will rise like the beloved Son rose and you will spend forever with me in a kingdom of lavish provision feasting, laughing, free of sin and suffering forever.”” ~ Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Church


One Response to “Amazing Love”

  1. Love it! And isn’t it amazing that He considers His inheritance…us. 🙂 Thanks for writing this.

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