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Posted by Vogeler on January 22, 2009

Hey all,

Apparently, Feedburner, the service I use to burn my RSS feeds, is having difficulties.  I’m only showing one subscriber, which I take to mean that Feedburner lost all of my subscriptions (although Kelly thinks it’s because no one likes me).

So, if you happen to get the feed for this like you’re supposed to, and you know anyone who would just die if they didn’t get to read my blog, please let them know they may have to resubscribe.



4 Responses to “Annoyance”

  1. slw said

    Everything came through fine on my Google Reader!

  2. Bethany Helmkamp said

    I got an email for this blog post. And I love you. And I like living with you. And I like being your wife. 🙂

  3. ralph said

    I’m still here, and got this one!
    Take care, bro…

  4. Cool beans! I’m glad that everything is working ok!

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