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Why I Love GMail

Posted by Vogeler on November 19, 2008

In case you don’t know, (and I think you all do.  Everyone that reads this blog is either a friend or family member, unless I’m wrong) my favorite web-based email client is GMail. GMail stands for Google Mail (get it?  GMail?), and I’ve been a fan since I first began using it several years ago.  When I opened my account, you had to receive an invitation from someone who already had an account (maybe it was in beta testing?), but now it’s open to anyone.  Here are some reasons why I loved GMail from day 1:

  • TONS of storage!  When I first opened my account, I was allowed a ginormous 2GB of online storage!  Now I have over 7GB.
  • It is quick and easy-to-use.
  • It functions with my google toolbar.  That is the only toolbar I have ever, or will ever, love.  I would be lost without autofill.  It also integrates with my RSS reader of choice, Google Reader.
  • It doesn’t automatically install other crapware onto my PC.
  • And, the most recent (as of 3:47 PM today), I can customize the look of my GMail account!!  Until today, that was my only complaint.  The interface was this blah, boring blue color.  Now it’s a rich, vibrant forest-green color.  Happiness!

GMail, while my favorite client, and also my main client for personal use, is not my only one.  I also have a Yahoo account, and several privately hosted accounts.  But they’re not nearly as cool as my GMail.

What email clients do you use?


One Response to “Why I Love GMail”

  1. joe said

    Did you know that you can actually host your hosted accounts at gmail?

    It’s through Google Apps, which I have become heavily addicted to!


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