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Posted by Vogeler on October 31, 2008

Why is it, that when somebody sends an email forward with hundreds of email addresses that you have to scroll past only to find some poem about Jesus and butterflies or something* it always says at the bottom, “93% won’t forward this” or something equally dumb?  Do they really think that that little “zinger” is going to guilt me into forwarding their stuff?

Sorry, but my faith in Jesus Christ isn’t evidenced by the email forwards I annoy people with but by the way I live my life every day.

*Yes, I realize and appreciate the sentiment behind most of these emails.  But I get annoyed when someone insinuates that I’m a bad Christian because I don’t forward sappy, smarmy, and not-very-original emails.


2 Responses to “Forwards”

  1. Kelly said


  2. Capri said

    Exactly! Although it’s gotten so that I don’t even appreciate the sentiment that might’ve come with the fwd, because I know my friend or relative has been bullied/manipulated into passing on a chain letter. What’s also infuriating is how many Christians fall for this crud, and I am one of a few Christians who just detests chain letters, especially any that use God’s name to guilt, scare or wow people into passing them along. I think some of these chains might have been created by misguided religious people, but am sure that certainly the out and out hoax chain letters that use religion are made up by anti-Christians who like to get their har-hars at the expense of Christians they can dupe into passing them along.

    What’s more, these chain letters cause a lot of anti-Christian backlash, something else that’s really annoying. It’s great to find some other Christians who are against chain letters. I get really sick of finding what seems to be a good rant against chain letters, only to find it was written by yet another anti-Christian or non-Christian.

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