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The Irish in Me?

Posted by Vogeler on July 16, 2008

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this affinity for Irish/Scottish/Celtic culture.  My favorite period of history is Dark Ages Britain (yes, I realize the idea of “The Dark Ages” is a myth, but I was afraid if I used “Late Antiquity” no one would know what I meant). I don’t know why; no one in my family shares this affinity.  As far back as I have traced (which is, admittedly, only a few generations), I am 1/4 French (mleh) and 3/4 German (better),  no Scotch-Irish or even Briton.

So why does Irish music tug at my heart like it does?  Why do Celtic designs captivate my eye?  Why did I give my youngest an Irish first name (Brennan) and a Welsh middle name (Rhys)?  Why is it that Britain and Ireland are the top two places I want to visit?

I don’t get it.

So let us hoist a pint of silence
To the east where Ireland lies
And we will stare across the waters
For a glimpse of Mary’s eyes
We are ships without a harbor
We are sailors are on dry land
And the song goes on forever
Even though the record can’t.”

Mary’s Eyes, by Gaelic Storm


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