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Lo, I Have Returned!

Posted by Vogeler on April 18, 2008

Hi, all!  Sorry I’ve been away for so long, but life has been messy recently.  First, my position was downsized, so I had to find a job and was off work for a week.  You might think that would give me plenty of time to write.  You would be wrong.  See, I had a small, adorable, pooping and puking machine home with me that loves to sleep at the babysitter’s but apparently believes it is his duty and God-given right to not sleep more than 15 minutes at a time at home.  So that took a lot of time.  Good news is, he has put on several pounds and now is at least on the growth chart for his age, at the 25th percentile.

I actually had a feeling of peace about the whole job thing.  For what seems like the first time in my life, I wasn’t freaking out about not having a job.  I knew God was going to handle things, and sure enough, He did.  I am now GM Certified Internet Manager for Noble Chevrolet-Cadillac (formerly Jack De) in Kendallville, IN.  I’m very excited about the chance to build an Internet Department, and in some ways it feels like I’ve come home (I worked here for nearly three years before the other-place-that-shall-remain-nameless-not-that-I’m-bitter-or-anything).

So things are going pretty well right now.

By the way, we had an earthquake this morning.

No joke, there was a 5.4 Richter Scale earthquake that started in Illinois that we felt in Northeast Indiana.  Pretty crazy.  We were awake because Brennan was crying so we felt it shake the house.  Wild!

I will try to keep this blog much more updated than I have.  Sorry for being gone so long, and thanks for staying with me!


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