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Posted by Vogeler on February 18, 2008


Its been a sad couple of days.  When Brennan arrived, we gave Max (our dog) one chance to stay.  He blew it.  Not that he was trying to hurt Brennan, but he wanted to play and we just can’t take the chance that something will happen.  So he has to go.

A friend of ours took Max  for a few days to try it out.  Unfortunately its not working out, so we are still looking for a home for Max.  I am just heartbroken to give up my dog, but of course my son comes first.

If anyone knows someone who might want a great dog, please let me know!


3 Responses to “Sadness”

  1. Carma said

    Did you try anything to get Max used to having a baby in the house? We have our pack and play set up with a baby doll in it. He is allowed in the nursery (supervised) and is allowed to sniff. If he gets too close to things or too curious, we tell him “no” and spray him with a water bottle. We are also going to bring home one of the first blankets they wrap Taylor in so that Scooter can smell him. I just hate to se you give up your dog.

  2. I wish we had, but we didn’t. And he’s so energetic, I’m not sure it would help. Thanks for the advice, though.

  3. Abby said

    Tell Adam to suck it up and keep the dog 😉

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