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It’s a Boy!!

Posted by Vogeler on February 15, 2008

Dear Readers,

Brennan Rhys Helmkamp joined us at 2:08 pm February 12th! (he shares a birthday with Grandpa BobHelmkamp and Abraham Lincoln!!). He was 5 lbs, 12 oz, and 19.5 inches long.

He is home with us now, and is doing great! He is eating like a horse, and has a screech and a temper like his daddy!! 🙂

If you are in the area and would like to visit, feel free, but let us know in advance so I can clean the house some first!!



7 Responses to “It’s a Boy!!”

  1. Marvin said

    Hi todd… been a reader of your blog…

    I remember when I first saw my first son…

    Praise the Lord…

  2. Carma said

    Seriously? The last thing people are going to expect from a family that just had a baby is a clean house! Use this time to bond with your family. The dirty clothes and dishes aren’t going anywhere. Heck, maybe if you let it go, mothers who want to be helpful just might do some housework!

  3. @Marvin: Welcome, and thank you! The Lord is SO good!

    @Carma: Sweet Fancy Moses! That’s an AWESOME idea!! 🙂

  4. slw said

    Congratulations! May Brennan be blessed by God most high, and a source of continual blessing to his mom, dad, and all who love Jesus.

  5. @SLW: Thank you!

  6. Abby said

    TODD! Congrats to you and your lovely wife 🙂 I miss you both, and can’t wait to meet the new little guy. I’ll be back in a month!!!

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