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An Opportunity

Posted by Vogeler on February 11, 2008

Good morning, Dear Readers!

No baby, yet, but we have an appointment this afternoon.  He’ll come when he’s ready.  🙂

Anyway, a gentleman who goes by the of AtheistReader has invited me, and anyone else who is interested, to comment and give feedback as he goes through the book by journalist Lee Strobel, “The Case for Christ”.

He is, I believe, sincerely wanting honest discussion, so I have begun following his posts about it on his blog.  I encourage you, if you feel moved by Holy Spirit or are simply interested, to do the same (especially those of you who attended the conference with Dr. Blomberg with me.  You know who you are).  However, please do not be rude, do not call names,   and make sure that your comments are polite, concise, to-the-point, accurate, and above all, delivered in a spirit of love and truth.  Thanks!

You can read AtheistReader’s blog posts here.


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