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How to Fall in Love

Posted by Vogeler on January 16, 2008

As I was praying this morning on the way to work (some of my best prayer times come while I’m driving to work), I asked Jesus how to come to love Him more than anything else. As I prayed this, I felt Holy Spirit speak to me (no, not audibly. Don’t be silly).

He brought to my mind my wife, Bethany. Before we dated, I had a major crush on her for several years (as she did on me, but I didn’t stalk her like she did me!!). I would daydream about what it would be like to be with her. I built up in mind this image of who I thought she was. It was great! But it was simply infatuation.

When we started dating, I began to come to know her as she truly is, not as I built her up in my mind. What a difference that was!! (A good difference, I assure you!). By spending every available minute with her (and thinking of her every other minute!!), and coming to see the person she was, I was able to love her with a depth and devotion that was impossible when she was an image in my mind.

The point of all this is to say that it is impossible to have a deep, abiding, devoted relational love with someone you do not know. If you want to have that kind of relationship with Jesus Christ, it is similar to a marriage (SIMILAR, not exact!): it takes time and work. You MUST spend time with Him, in prayer and studying His Word. You must obey Him in the things He has already revealed to you.  The more time you spend, and as you obey His commands, the more you will come to know Him, and the more you will come to love Him. As you love Him more, His ways and His will become more and more part of you.

So, I ask you, are you infatuated with who you want Jesus to be, or are you in love with a Savior that you know?


One Response to “How to Fall in Love”

  1. Adam said

    2 WORDS: Great Post!
    2 More: AWE. SOME!

    Right on bro. Right on.

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