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“Bear Each Other’s Burdens”

Posted by Vogeler on December 31, 2007

A really thought-provoking and humbling post on the Stand To Reason blog.  Read it here.

The part that hit me the most was when Steve wrote, “It’s not by off-loading the burdens and feeling significant because I’ve done something important. It’s sharing them without taking them over, without calling their successful resolution ours. Many times, it’s sharing them for long periods of time.”

Wow.  Imagine that.  What would it be like if we actually shared each other’s burdens?  For a glimpse of some Christ-followers who are doing exactly that, check out the story of Healing on the Streets in Inverness, Scotland.

How are you bearing someone else’s burden?

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One Response to ““Bear Each Other’s Burdens””

  1. Mark H said

    Thanks for the reference to Healing On The Streets, Todd. Have a gr8 ’08!

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