Thoughts on the Meaning of Life… Todd Helmkamp

Two New Experiences

Posted by Vogeler on December 21, 2007

1. Being very sad when I leave for work in the morning because Max the dog is staring at me with puppy-dog eyes.

2. Spending 3 hours at the vet and spending $200 on a dog because he has worms, a double ear infection, and diarrhea. Hopefully this has taken care of it. Poor guy.

The joys of pet ownership, huh?  Oh well, he’s worth it.  🙂

Merry Christmas, Max.


2 Responses to “Two New Experiences”

  1. Adam said

    Diarrhea? Dang man, I hope he’s potty trained.

  2. Yeah, but sadly he couldn’t hold it anymore. He tried to wake me up, but not in time. Poor guy. 😦

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