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Posted by Vogeler on December 3, 2007

Apparently, I am making people angry.

My subscriber count has been dropping considerably over the past month. Whether that’s because of a problem with Feedburner, I actually am offending people, I’m boring, or what, I have no idea.

But it’s weird.


6 Responses to “Hmm.”

  1. nathan said

    If it makes you feel any better, I am still subscribed.

  2. Yes, it does! You’re my most loyal subscriber, besides my wife, and you comment a lot more than she does!

  3. Adam said

    Been subscribed since the day I figured out about rss.

    The day you don’t tell the truth will be the day i unsubscribe. … or if you’re REALLY boring for like 20 posts in a row. lol!

  4. Adam said

    Oh crap. you made me curious so I checked my subscription count. I’ve dropped two people since my last post, which was scripturally sound but not a “make you feel good” post.

    I think that’s a pattern between us two – write about stuff that makes christianity not the easiest thing in the world and you become unpopular. The prophets in the old testament felt the same way.

  5. Well, at least no one is trying to saw us in half or stone us (yet)! 🙂

  6. Natty said

    I tend to think that if I’m ticking people off, then I must be doing something right! I move through this world as a prophet. While our political and theological views may diverge, we seem to be of a similar ilk in that regard. We are called, I think, to speak God’s truth to different populations. In our human-ness we are, by definition, imperfect. But over and over, we are called. All God’s children, all God’s truth. 🙂

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