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Out of Touch

Posted by Vogeler on December 1, 2007

Ever since my father-in-law planted his church this past April (, my wife and I have been members.  And its great; I enjoy his messages, the style of worship, and stuff, and its exciting to get to be part of a new church.

But we came from a church with a thriving young adult population, with monthly get-togethers and fun times several times a month.  We went from being part of this huge group of friends to being on the fringe of things.

Many of our friends are great about keeping in touch.  We have a rotating dinner party group that gets together on major holidays, but aside from that we really don’t get together very much.

I’m not really complaining, and this isn’t aimed at anyone.  We really don’t have the time or money to go out a lot (and we have a kid!!).  But it still makes me sad sometimes that we don’t have that weekly fellowship like we used to at our previous church.  I guess I just get lonely (thank heaven for Todd and Nathan who keep in touch a lot!!).

We would love to have a thriving young adult ministry at our new church.  We are located in the Dupont area of Fort Wayne, Indiana, so if you are looking for a place to come, you are welcome!


5 Responses to “Out of Touch”

  1. slw said

    The holiday theme is way cool!

  2. nathan said

    Wow…you were busy blogging this weekend, eh?

    We certainly miss you guys. It was an adjustment for us to be void without you as well.

    We’ll have to grab some coffee again very soon…

  3. @SLW: thanks, I liked it. 🙂

    @Nathan: yeah, I had a lot to say. 🙂

    Coffee would be good. And more Wii….

  4. Carma said

    I can understand how you feel. Before Ayron and I attended New Hope, we went to a church that had a bunch of “young couple” activities and then, they all stopped. That was part of the reason we changed churches. You should come to Quest. Not like we’ll kick you out if you show up!

    Who is going to host the next traveling dinner party?

  5. @Carma,

    We’ve talked about it. I would hope you wouldn’t kick us out! The big problem is that it starts right at Luke’s bedtime, so we would have to get a sitter to come to the house. Maybe some night we’ll pawn him off on one of his grandparents to spend the night and we’ll make it. Thanks for the invite, though!

    I’m not sure whose turn it is. Hmm.

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