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It Amazes Me….

Posted by Vogeler on November 28, 2007

It amazes me that good, solid Christian men, who would never think of looking at pornography will go see a movie, on the big-screen, that has female nudity in it.  Huh?  How does this work?

Did God suddenly say it was ok?

I’ve heard some men say that it doesn’t affect them.

Seeing a nude, attractive female doesn’t affect you?  Are you human?  Are you a man?  Or are you just that much better than I am?

Seriously, men, please let me know what you think.  I am actually amazed by this.


4 Responses to “It Amazes Me….”

  1. nathan said

    I’m with you on this.
    Often when I’m at the DVD rental store, I pick up a movie I want to see (because I saw a preview or heard good things about it), and often it’s rated R for nudity. ‘dang it!’ i think as i put it back.

    Before watching a movie in the theater, I always check out why it’s rated what it’s rated, and avoid the nudity.

  2. slw said

    Absolutely! Can’t agree more. Those who don’t want to get stung, keep their fingers out of the beehive.

  3. Mark H said

    I know some men would claim to be relatively unaffected. If they’re being honest then I envy them. I’m very much affected and I have to be careful what I choose to watch.

    We were actually discussing this at our prophetic group this week. I was teaching on the seer gift and one thing I said is that if you desire to see in the spirit realm then one thing you have to do is consecrate your imagination.

  4. Mark H said

    p.s. It’s not legalism. It’s a heart response!

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