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I Need Your Help!!

Posted by Vogeler on October 27, 2007

Dear Readers,

A young lady who was one of my Sunday School students for several years (she is in her first year at Taylor University, Fort Wayne now) has asked her Dear Teacher (that’s me) a question, and he  is stumped (I pause here for the cries of astonishment that someone as learn-ed as I could be stumped).

Here is her question:  “Exodus 7:14-24  –  in verse 20 it says, “[Moses] struck the nile, and *all* the water was changed into blood.” then the magicians did the same thing…so how did they change water into blood if all the water was already blood? where did they get the water so they could change it into blood?”

So, any ideas?


2 Responses to “I Need Your Help!!”

  1. Mark H said

    I’m not a trained theologian as you know, so I’d welcome help from others. But it doesn’t seem to me that there’s an order to events here. It seems to me that all the water was turned to blood as described in detail in the passage, but that Pharaoh’s heart remained hardened because his magicians were known to be capable of the same.

    I’m reading from the ESV and in verse 22 it says “But the magicians of Egypt did the same by their secret arts”. There is no word “then” to imply an order of events. I think it is just a statement that turning water into blood was something the magicians were known to be capable of as well (though probably not on the same scale).

    If you have a Hebrew study aid to hand then that may help to understand the exact meaning of the original text. However, I tend to find that word-for-word translations such as the ESV, NASB and KJV are usually trustworthy in this sense.

    Hope that helps. That’s how it seems to me. But maybe someone more learned in the original text can shed more light?

  2. Adam said

    From the practical perspective: What difference does it make?

    After thinking – I realize the value in this, but my very first thought was, “Who cares?”

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