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Pride Goeth Before a Fall, But I’m Still Pretty Cool.

Posted by Vogeler on October 1, 2007

I finally got tired of Windows Vista eating the system resources of my pc at work and made the switch back to XP Pro.  You will not BELIEVE how much of a difference it is.  Try running XP Pro with 1GB of RAM.  Nerd heaven.

The non-cool part of this is that I had to re-customize my pc.  Lots of programs to install, files to transfer, etc.  It took me about four hours total.  Sigh.

I was using Windows Live Mail (it’s replacing Outlook as mail client for Vista)  because I now have five email accounts that I check regularly, and it was annoying because I had to login to each one manually (I know, I know; life is hard).

When I reinstalled XP Pro, I initially installed Microsoft Office, but we ended up needing that copy for another workstation that had to have it.  So I used instead, which I love and highly recommend.  It’s open-source and free.  But, it doesn’t have an email client (that I know of).

Enter Mozilla Thunderbird!  Da da da da!

I downloaded it, configured all of my accounts, and am now using it without any help from my boss, friend and business partner Brett or my good friend Nathan.  I didn’t even check out the help file or the help forums!

Brett had helped me set up Windows Live Mail, and before that I hadn’t used a mail client at all.

So I’m feelin’ like a pretty cool dude.

If you think this is small and petty, I got one thing to say to you:  Get offa my cloud.


2 Responses to “Pride Goeth Before a Fall, But I’m Still Pretty Cool.”

  1. nathan said

    wonderful. I was reading this, thinking, ‘Dude, you should have been using Thunderbird,’ and then you say you switched to it–sweet!

    Now, if I can only convert you to Thunderbird for your rss reader, it will truly be a one-stop shop…

  2. That’s next on the agenda!

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