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An Easy Good Deed

Posted by Vogeler on September 13, 2007

Click here to donate a free mammogram to a needy woman.  Doesn’t cost you a thing.

Thanks to Mark in Scotland for the heads up on his blog!


2 Responses to “An Easy Good Deed”

  1. Michael J. said

    Your post made me laugh so hard that Dr. Pepper squirted from my eye… It just sounds like a gimmick for guys to feel up women. “Men are donating free mammograms to all the needy women of the world! Find the man nearest you for your COMPLETELY FREE breast exam.”

    Maybe it’s just my dirty mind…

    That aside… let’s all help fight cancer in any form!

  2. Oh my cow, dude! I didn’t even think of that. Geez. 🙂

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