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What’s Yours??

Posted by Vogeler on September 7, 2007

This semester (my final one!  Hooray!) I am taking a course entitled “Environmental Sociology”.  The environment, and how humans interact with it, has long been one of my pet subjects.  I am learning how we can live in more harmony with nature, and I believe that Christians have a responsibility to do so (Genesis 2:15).

Anyway, my instructor, Thomas Overton, mentioned a carbon footprint calculator on the website for the Nature Conservancy.   I plugged in my information, and was gratified that my score, 64 tons of C02 per year is less than the national average of 80.  However, I really NEED to find ways to lower it!

I encourage you to check your own carbon footprint, and post the results here.  The only way we are going to change things is by learning how to do it!


8 Responses to “What’s Yours??”

  1. joe said

    Yes!!! This is a HUGE deal to me! I am also trying to find ways to live in closer harmony with God’s creation. I value human life above plant and animal life, but that doesn’t give any reason to stop trying to live in harmony with them.

    I’ve also calculated my carbon footprint, and I actually buy carbon credits to offset my carbon usage. I use to buy credits.

    Using the calculator at, I use about 20 tons of CO2 per year, but I am working hard to reduce that even more. I plan to grow all of my own produce this coming year, and I also intend to eliminate my air conditioner/heater except where absolutely necessary. Also, not ever driving helps me have a low carbon footprint, but that’s a much harder one to accomplish for a lot of people. It’s a personal choice kind of thing.

  2. Hey, Joe!

    Good stuff. I figured yours would be REALLY low!

    I am planning on purchasing some offsets myself. I’m not familiar with carbonfund. I usually use Terrapass. I’ll have to check out carbonfund.

  3. joe said

    I’ll have to check out Terrapass…I’ve not encountered them before.

    Thanks, for the tip!

  4. bethany said

    mine is 45 tons. how is mine that much less than yours?

  5. Because I did mine for all three of us, love. 🙂

  6. nathan said

    living in a detached house really ups it!
    my 2-person family is at 63.

  7. Josh said

    Is he the gay pro-Christian?


  8. Uh… I’m not sure. I didn’t ask him!

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