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Learning a New Language

Posted by Vogeler on August 10, 2007

Since I’ve been a father, I’ve discovered something wonderful about those little humans we call children:  they don’t talk so well at first.  In order to understand what my son is trying to communicate to me, I have to be patient, and pay attention.  Anyone know of another Father that is patient and  that pays attention to us?  🙂

Anywho, (just for fun) I thought I would compile a short list (I absolutely adore lists for some reason) of some of my son’s words and the English translation.  Here we go:

Nighteen kween:  Lightning McQueen, the racecar character from the movie “Cars”

Goggy:  doggy

Oosie:  Lucy, the aforementioned “goggy”

Da-ee:  Daddy

Ma-ma K:  My mother, Mary Kay (who sometimes goes by just “Kay”)

Pie-er Man:  Spider Man

Pie Pan:  Peter Pan (this is one of my favorites!  ha ha!)

‘Tar:  guitar

That’s just a short list.  Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did  (if you thought this was stupid and pointless, you obviously don’t have children, and are probably not a very nice person).


2 Responses to “Learning a New Language”

  1. ralph said

    ROTFL – esp the last sentence! (so true!)

  2. slw said

    Thanks, not for the inspired utterance, but the interpretation! 😉

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