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Posted by Vogeler on August 3, 2007

My friend Nathan is a great guy.  He’s a computer whiz, I’ve never heard him say anything mean about anyone.  He’s a blast to be around, but never gets his laughs at someone else’s expense.  He’s running for the Waterloo, IN Town Council.  He’s cool.

However, I greatly pity Nathan, and for one reason:  he’s my sounding board.

Every time I’m confused, upset, etc, Nathan is the one I talk to about it.  I must sound like a Negative Nellie.  But he’s never said a word of complaint about it.  Like I said, he’s a great friend.

I was thinking about Nathan this morning, because he and I are getting together for coffee next week.  I wanted to make sure that I didn’t just dump all of my issues on him.  Suddenly it hit me:  While there’s nothing wrong with confiding in a friend, the Lord of the Universe is just waiting for me to spill out my heart to him.  Its not fair of me to constantly whine to Nathan, although he would listen regardless.  Instead, I should take these things to my King and my God.

Kind of a revelation to me, you know?


One Response to “Nathan”

  1. nathan said

    man, i enjoy hearing you.
    How much more does God enjoy hearing you?

    I am looking forward to coffee, too!

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