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Posted by Vogeler on July 21, 2007

I am tired.

The process of buying a house has been a nightmare.  Snag after snag has come up.  Issue after issue.  But, through God’s grace, we’ve made it through them all.  Whether this has been intended to increase my faith, my patience, or both, I don’t know.

The part that bothers me about all of this is feeling like a mooch.  I’m at work today, while family members help move some of our stuff.  We hit a major financial bump and some members of our family graciously gave us the help we needed.  We’re going to be living with my father-in-law and his family for a few weeks until our house is ready.  The list goes on.

I HATE inconveniencing all of these people.  I have nothing to offer them.  I know they’re doing it because we’re family and they love us, but I can’t help but feel like its too much, or we’re taking advantage of their generosity.  I can’t wait until we’re done with all of this, so we can stop mooching.

Maybe its a pride thing, but I am tired of not being able to handle these issues myself, without dragging people that love me through the mud too.


4 Responses to “Tired”

  1. slw said

    That’s what God put us in families for. We all need that support network sometime, so accept help graciously, don’t be a guest overmuch, repay what you borrow, and always say please and thank you. Families are glad to help, usually (wouldn’t you be?), so bless them and then bless the Lord for inventing them.

  2. nathan said

    hey, i’m sure they’re happy to help when they can.

    i know i would be!

    give me a call if you need help moving anything. Also, let me know if you need a dry place to store anything–Benaiah’s old bedroom is completely empty–and i mean completely! that blue carpet has like two things on it, so bring it on over!

    and since we never use the basement, it’s not an inconvenience at all, either! we’d love to be a temporary storage building for you, hehe!

    God bless! Do you have a closing date yet?

  3. @SLW: that’s very good advice. thanks for bringing me out of the bog of self-pity! 🙂

    @Nathan: Thank you very much for the offer! we might have to take you up on that. Closing is supposed to be this week, but it may take longer and we have to have all of our stuff out of the apartment by the end of the month. Prayers would be appreciated!!

  4. Carl dilley said

    Things will work out it just takes time.

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