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Posted by Vogeler on May 29, 2007

Hi, all.  Not sure if this is a demographics question per se, but I’ve noticed that I have four subscribers that use Thunderbird.

My question is, why do you use Thunderbird (or for those of you who use another mail client, why do you use that one?)?  What do you like about it?  Dislike?

I have tried both Outlook and Thunderbird, and honestly didn’t see the point in using either one.  I’m happy with my web-based gmail.

So I’m curious as to the reasons people use them.  Maybe I’m missing something.  🙂


8 Responses to “Demographics?”

  1. nathan said

    google reader was taking anywhere from 8-36 hours to show new posts. It got very annoying.

    Thunderbird is what i use for reading email (i have for about two years), so it’s also nice to have it all in one place.
    rock on…

  2. @Nate: Why do use Thunderbird to read your email? What benefits are there? I mean, is there a reason I should consider switching back?

  3. nathan said

    Partly because we had Outlook 2000, which is an 8-year old program, and lacked a lot of what current mail clients have.
    (Although we did upgrade to Outlook Office 2007 a couple months ago, i still like what i’m used to)

    I think Gmail is the best web provider. if i was exclusively using gmail, i would use the web-based interface, not check it via google.

    Back to the original question, I actually really did like using a web-based reader, because i could check it from work, home, etc. and it was always up-to-date.
    I would gladly switch back to google or bloglines if they weren’t so darn slow at updating. Have you noticed a large lag in time to show up on these readers?

  4. @Nate: Nope, I haven’t noticed a lag, but I only check it once a day.

  5. nathan said

    just thought i’d let you know…this week i rolled out a network anti-virus solution, and now thunderbird no longer will download the rss feeds…
    i’m still trying to figure that one out. it’s works fine unless i click the box on my firewall to enforce. It’s fine with my A/V software…just not the firewall enforcing the network A/V…

  6. Its because you’re using McAfee……..not that I’m biased or bitter. 🙂

  7. nathan said

    New Update:
    For some reason, some of my clients reverted to old (like 60-day old) proxy settings. not sure why.
    This was the issue, not anything to do with McAfee. (darn Windows!)
    Once i was able to isolate this issue, it was an easy resolution.
    btw, the McAfee enforced client a/v is pretty slick. Simple to manage, and no work at all to install (since the end user is forced to install it!)

  8. I had a bad experience years ago with McAfee, but I have heard it is greatly improved. Perhaps they’ll see this on my blog and offer me a free trial….. 🙂

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