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My wife’s car and other pieces of junk

Posted by Vogeler on April 13, 2007


My wife bought her car in February 2006, before we were even dating (she and her dad did ask me if it was a good price, though.  I work in the car business.  Not sales, though.  Yuck!).  Well, in the eight months we’ve been married, we have spent around $1000 dollars on it.  My little Malibu, though two years older and with 20,000 more miles, still runs like a top.  I love that car.

I’ve been driving the Impala (my wife’s car) because it (in theory) gets better gas mileage, and my wife likes smaller cars.  This morning I when I was leaving for work, it wouldn’t start.  So now I’m having it towed from Auburn, where I live, to Angola, where I work.  About 23 miles.  At least I get a discount on parts and labor.  It really sucks, though, because we’re trying to save for a house, and stupid little bills keep cropping up.  Although small themselves, they add up fast.

The semester is almost over.  Two more research papers, and two more take-home final exam essays.  Sigh.  Why do all professors think that theirs is the only class in existence?

Bethany (my lovely and wonderfully Godly wife) went to see a specialist Tuesday.  He said that she did not, in fact, have ovarian cysts.  He ordered another pregnancy test to make sure she wasn’t still pregnant.  Nope, she lost the baby.  What a rollercoaster.

So, with all of this stuff going on, I’ve been kind of waspish and short-tempered, especially with The Boy (my soon-to-be-two-year-old Luke).  He’s at that Stage, and he and Daddy are working on getting some things straight.

I was praying about this stuff this morning, while thinking mean thoughts about the driver in front of me.  I said, “C’mon God, enough already!”  But as I was thinking and praying, I thought about how small all of these issues really were in the face of things that others had to deal with.  A man who lost his job and doesn’t know how he’s gonna feed his family; a woman with three kids who lost her husband to cancer and has a ton of medical bills and no money; a child whose parents were killed in a car accident.

I could hear God speaking to me (no, not audibly).  I’ve been so caught up in creating the nice little life that I wanted that I’ve been neglecting Him and His plan.

C.S. Lewis once said that, “Pain is God’s megaphone.”

I encourage all who read this to take a step back and see if you’ve fallen into the same trap I had.


3 Responses to “My wife’s car and other pieces of junk”

  1. Carma said

    I understand the whole pregnancy thing. I have PCOS which makes it difficult to get pregnant and stay pregnant. I’m currenlty on a new drug combination so we’ll see if it works for us.

    I also understand the small bills thing. I wanted to pay off some of my medical bills from last year, but it seems like everytime we turn around, something else needs fixed. IE: Our sewer line to the street.

    If you guys ever need a break from the little one, Ayron and I would love to provide you with an evening alone, and since we live like 30 seconds away, it is very doable.

  2. @Carma: thanks for the offer to watch Luke, but you’d have to fight our parents. They all have “grandparent fever” something awful. 🙂

  3. @carma: it’s true! and gets ugly sometimes…

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