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Our New Bed

Posted by Vogeler on February 28, 2007

We got our new bed set up last night.

We upgraded to a queen bed (one of us is a bedhog; I’ll let you think of who it is).

We got a nice wooden sleigh bed frame.

With a brand-new memory foam mattress.

My wife was livelier this morning than she has been in months.  She bounced right out of bed, no headache or anything.

My shoulders weren’t tight.

I highly recommend this type of bed.


7 Responses to “Our New Bed”

  1. Bethany said

    Just incase anyone was wondering, the bedhog is not me. Just wanted to make that clear. Yes, the new bed is wonderful. And if you have ever seen the commercial with the woman jumping next to the wine and the wine doesn’t spill and you were wondering if it’s true, it is true. Todd flopped all over and I felt virtually nothing. If you buy a new bed soon, get one of these. They are cheap on ebay. 🙂

  2. Carma said

    Yes, but a bigger bed means a bigger “tunnel of death.” Beware Bethany, beware.

  3. Ha ha!

  4. Bethany said

    thank you for the warning, carma. and the name of it has now changed. as quoted by todd it is now the “interstate highway of death”. 🙂

  5. Carma said

    I like it! I wish Ayron and I had enough room in a queen bed to have an interstate! We’re thinking of upgrading to a King.

  6. nathan said

    remind me to always stay off the Interstate.

  7. Probably a good idea. 🙂

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