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Nobody Touches GM

Posted by Vogeler on February 23, 2007

Total Number of Recalls To Date For Major Automotive Manufacturers:

Toyota: over 530,000

Ford: over 125,00

General Motors:  4,588!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nobody touches GM.  Quality, Reliability, Safety, and Price.


3 Responses to “Nobody Touches GM”

  1. Carma said

    Ahh, but the real question is…would you have created this blog if you didn’t work for a GM dealership?

  2. Probably not. I posted this because I get mad that the liberal press always focuses on the negative for GM. 🙂

  3. nathan said

    yeah, i like GM. i have had a Pontiac twice.
    Two fords and two Pontiacs.

    interestingly, i have had a total of two recalls. both were on my ’93 Ford Thunderbird.
    (although i did get something in the mail telling me not to put sticky-labeled CDs into my CD-change. duh.)

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