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Dream a little dream..

Posted by Vogeler on February 17, 2007

I had a really strange dream last night.

I was in this building that was a combination apartment complex and doctor’s office.  I was getting ready to leave (for school, I think.  I had my satchel with all my books), when one of the women in the office said they had a message for me.  She whispered that there was a man looking for me and he was outside with a gun (a silenced Walther PPK, to be exact.  Those fans of Agent 007 out there will recognize this pistol).

Walther PPK Silenced


So I sneak out the back, and am playing cat-and-mouse with this gunman around a bunch of parked cars.  I finally get behind him and take his gun, when I realize there are a lot more people with guns hunting me.  They were male and female, and were dressed alike (I can’t remember exactly how) and all had the PPK.  I end up exchanging some shots with them for a while, ducking around parked cars and stuff.


Then, I’m in a clearing and these women with children start coming out of houses and stuff.  They come to me for protection even though they belong to the enemy.  Now some people on my side come towards me with guns, wanting to hurt the women and children because they belong to the enemy.  I stand firm, preparing to fight my allies because they want to hurt these innocent people because their people are enemies.


The next thing I remember is I am being led along this drab, gray hallway.  It’s not rundown or anything, just gray and drab.  I am put into this room that is the same drab institutional gray.  It has two doors, both of them look like those doors with a little window that lead to stairs in a hotel.  The door that doesn’t lead to the hallway leads to a little balcony with red Spanish tile.


There are several other people in this room, dressed in drab gray clothes. No one is speaking, just laying on pallets on the floor.  I don’t remember being shot, but I have the feeling that I’m dead and this is the afterlife.  If anyone knows about the Greek Hades or Hebrew Sheol, that’s what it was like.


I laid down on the floor and just sobbed.  I felt so alone and despairing, because I thought that I would go to heaven when I died.  I don’t know how long I laid there when the door opened and a man was brought in.  I can’t remember his last name, but it was Rick from YFC, the one that was in Pastor Todd’s wedding.  I ran over to him, overjoyed to see a familiar face, and sobbed all over him, because suddenly I had hope of salvation again if a man that I knew was a good Christian was here.


Then I was awakened at 3:14 am by the garbage truck dropping the dumpster outside.


So, if any of you has the gift of interpretation, or general ideas, I would appreciate it.  I know there are some sizable gaps, but that’s all I could remember.


One Response to “Dream a little dream..”

  1. Adam Diehl said

    My mom is like a genius when it comes to dream interpretation… but one thing I learned is that when God speaks to a person in a dream, rarely does that dream need to be interpreted by another person besides that person. Like… the specifics. Since they’re subconscious, only YOU know the specifics.

    I’ve had some big duesy dreams before, and my mom helped me interpret them. One big thing I realized was that the most important thing to look at was the way I FELT in that situation.

    My best stab at this is that you feel attacked by somebody(ies) or something(s). Probably an emotional or spiritual thing. The attacking thing makes you feel isolated and alone. Also, you feel responsible for other people regarding it. My gut (or maybe its my spirit) says this involves your family and you’re feeling protective.

    Also – Talk with Rick. Share this dream with him, see if he has something to say. There’s a reason he’s in this dream. I will email you his digits.

    Another possibility is that you just need to lay off the first person shooter games… but since you’re asking about it I assume you sense a deeper spiritual significance in this. Talk with Rick – that’s what I say.

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