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The Love of a Father

Posted by Vogeler on January 27, 2007

Luke is going through a strange phase.

Ever since he’s been sick (about 1.5 weeks), he’s wanted nothing to do with me.  Not your normal, “I don’t feel good, I want only Mommy” type of stuff.

No hugs.

No kisses.

No “bye-bye”s

No play-time.

It’s breaking my heart.  It’s only me.  No one else.  Just me.  He’s fine with everyone else, except for a bit of crankiness because he doesn’t feel well.

If anyone else has ever gone through this, and you have advice, it would be appreciated.  Prayers, too.

It struck me as I was driving into work this morning:  how must my heavenly Father feel?  Doesn’t it break His heart when I don’t say good morning to Him?  Doesn’t it make Him sad when I don’t tell Him goodnight?  How He must hurt when I spend all of my time with my friends, or my family, or books, or whatever, but don’t spend any with Him?

My prayer is that people read this, and that my pain helps them realize the pain they cause their Father in heaven.  My prayer is that I always remember this, so I don’t hurt my Father like this again.


3 Responses to “The Love of a Father”

  1. Adam Diehl said

    Thats good, T.

    It also reminds me of animals. you know, how animals will become extremely violent and will bite you when they are sick or injured. Even if you’re trying to help the animal, they’ll bite if you try to help. I think we sometimes do that as well when we’re sick or injured inside and God or other friends try to help- we push the very thing that we need further away from us… because we don’t know any better.

    I think i just compared your son to a dog. Did I? Yes, I think I did. Sorry. Woops! Well, it was a comment related to your spiritual application of the story so I guess it works. 🙂

  2. nathan said

    hey, sorry to hear about this…i’m sure it would break my heart if i was in your situation, too!
    although i’ve never been there, i think about God, and what does God do for us? He keeps on loving on us even though we aren’t giving anything back. So, i guess, that is what i would suggest–love on Luke even though he isn’t showing you any love back right now. That is the hard part–loving when they don’t deserve love.
    But i am so thrilled God doesn’t stop loving us when we don’t deserve it!

    to diverge for a moment, we missed you this weekend!

  3. Carma said

    Don’t worry about it. It is a stage that all kids go through. Our niece wouldn’t go any where near Ayron from the time she turned 1 till just recently (she’s 3 1/2). The fact that he’s a giant may have something to do with it, but still. It’s a phase. I know it’s tough but you can’t take it personally. He’ll grow out of it. He’ll hit another stage when he’s a teenager and he’ll probably “hate” you for trying to control his life. It’s just what they do.

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