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A message that should be considered

Posted by Vogeler on January 31, 2007

Pastor Jack Hayford on Ethics in Church Leadership


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Posted by Vogeler on January 31, 2007

I have a question.

I track my blog stats stuff with Feedburner.  Subscribers, hits, etc.

I only have four subscribers listed.

Now I know that more than four people read my blog.

So my question is this:  If you regularly read my blog, do you use a reader?  If so, which one?

Do you link here from another site?

Are you subscribed via the email link on the page?  If not, why not?

Info will help.  I’m just curious.

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The Love a Father, Part II

Posted by Vogeler on January 29, 2007

When I got home from work Saturday afternoon, Luke was watching Veggie Tales.  I gave him a hug, and he just looked at me.  No response.

I talked about it a bit with my wife, and then took a nap (I was feeling very poorly, which is why we went to church Sunday morning instead).  When I woke up from my nap, he came running to me and gave me a huge hug.  Everything has been normal since.  In fact, he’s more affectionate now than he ever was.

I did a bit of research on this.  A son withdrawing from his father is known to happen, but it’s very rare.

My wife and I think it was a matter of God wanting to get His message through to me.

What do you think?

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The Love of a Father

Posted by Vogeler on January 27, 2007

Luke is going through a strange phase.

Ever since he’s been sick (about 1.5 weeks), he’s wanted nothing to do with me.  Not your normal, “I don’t feel good, I want only Mommy” type of stuff.

No hugs.

No kisses.

No “bye-bye”s

No play-time.

It’s breaking my heart.  It’s only me.  No one else.  Just me.  He’s fine with everyone else, except for a bit of crankiness because he doesn’t feel well.

If anyone else has ever gone through this, and you have advice, it would be appreciated.  Prayers, too.

It struck me as I was driving into work this morning:  how must my heavenly Father feel?  Doesn’t it break His heart when I don’t say good morning to Him?  Doesn’t it make Him sad when I don’t tell Him goodnight?  How He must hurt when I spend all of my time with my friends, or my family, or books, or whatever, but don’t spend any with Him?

My prayer is that people read this, and that my pain helps them realize the pain they cause their Father in heaven.  My prayer is that I always remember this, so I don’t hurt my Father like this again.

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I’m all out of love….

Posted by Vogeler on January 26, 2007

It’s almost five pm, on Friday afternoon.  My wife is making a special surprise dinner (she won’t tell me what!  GRR!).  I’m not really motivated.  And I’m listening to “I’m All Out of Love” by Air Supply.  It’s a good day.

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Absolutely Frightening

Posted by Vogeler on January 19, 2007

This article truly scared me, because upon reading it, I knew several teens who fit the bill.

Click here.

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Prayers Would be Good

Posted by Vogeler on January 19, 2007

Here is an email I received from one of our missionaries, Rob Green:

“Good Morning!

I wanted to get this email out so you can be praying for Carrie. She has exploratory surgery scheduled for Tuesday, January the 23rd. She’s grown very weak, unable to eat or drink for longer periods of time, and the pain has grown unbearable, in her words, “even for this strong, hard-headed girl.” The surgeon will be looking for little ways to help the pain and prolong her life. The good news is that she has such hope in God … That her life is a blessing in Him, not in the flesh and the pain that you see her going through.

For we were saved in this hope, but hope that is seen is not hope; for why does one still hope for what he sees?
But if we hope for what we do not see, we eagerly wait for it with perseverance.
Romans 8:24&25

Some have told us they will be fasting and praying for two days prior the surgery — what better way to lift a sister in love to our Father. Thank you for your prayers for our family! You have affected our lives with your friendship and love … Not to mention the many who are being touched through ministry.

In Him,
Rob & Family”

Rob & Carrie Green
FamilyLife USA

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Posted by Vogeler on January 19, 2007

Check out this!

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A Mission of Understanding

Posted by Vogeler on January 17, 2007

A Mission of Understanding –

An interesting article from the Washington Post.  One of the few printed in a major newspaper that treated Evangelical Christianity with respect.

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Deep Enough To Dream

Posted by Vogeler on January 17, 2007

Some of you might recognize the subject line as a song by Chris Rice.  The chorus goes:

“Deep enough to dream in brilliant colors I have never seen,

Deep enough to join a million people for a wedding feast.

Deep enough to reach out and touch the face of the One Who made me.

Oh, the love I feel, and all the peace, do I ever have to wake up?”

I am SO homesick today.

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