Thoughts on the Meaning of Life… Todd Helmkamp

Truth in Strange Places

Posted by Vogeler on December 6, 2006

“And finally, one must consider how great the ease of learning
there is in books, how yielding, how trusty !
How safely we reveal, without shyness, in the face of our books
the poverty of our human ignorance !
They are teachers who instruct us without switches or rods,
without slaps or anger, without notice of rags or riches.
If you approach them , they are not asleep;
If you ask a question, they do not hide;
They do not mutter at you if you make a mistake;
When you are ignorant, they do not know how to laugh at you.”


Richard de Bury, Philobiblon, I, 9



One Response to “Truth in Strange Places”

  1. Carmie said

    As a teacher, I appreciate this post. It is my goal to always be that type of teacher. If I shut down and am unwilling to learn, what right do I have to expect my students to learn?

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