Thoughts on the Meaning of Life… Todd Helmkamp


Posted by Vogeler on November 27, 2006

I have an illness. I am very sick.

I caught this disease at my local church.

I didn’t have it in the past.

Not everyone there has it. Some people seem to be immune to this disease.

My symptoms include: lack of compassion; dry, legalistic relationship with God; self-righteous attitude; intellectual imperialism; and an inward focus.

Many people at my church do not have this disease. But many do.  It’s name is Religion.

I have an illness. I am very sick.

Only God can save me.


2 Responses to “Illness”

  1. Adam said

    There are many Religious Diseases. Ed Gungor wrote an excellent book about this that showed me alot of religious thought in my own life. It’s called “Religiously Transmitted Diseases.” Excellent Book.

  2. Michael J. said

    I’m quoting “Kingdom of Heaven” here… but… “I don’t hold much stock in religion.” Religion closes one off from intimacy. How can one have a personal relationship with God (or his people) if the connection is about the does and don’ts instead of the love and trust?

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