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A Test of Faith

Posted by Vogeler on November 27, 2006

So my wife calls me at around 2 o’clock this afternoon.  She is south of Auburn, pulled over to the side of the road, smoke billowing out from under the hood of her car (the same car we spent $800 fixing 3 weeks ago).

I go talk to my service writer, Steve.  He talks to our Service Manager, Dave (I work at Harold GM Superstore in Angola, IN in case you didn’t know).  Dave calls a tow truck.  Has it towed to our sister-store, Ben Davis.

Come to find out, a hose popped off.  Spewed coolant everywhere.  They’re putting the hose back on.

I ask how much.  Dave says, “don’t worry about it.”  They offer to drop it off to my wife at work.

These guys know how to take care of customers.

If you need service work, call them first.

Thanks, guys.

Thanks, God.

I appreciate it.


2 Responses to “A Test of Faith”

  1. Abby! said

    Heeey…I had smoke billowing out of my car on Wednesday. Uncool, man.

  2. Michael J. said

    The only time I have ever had smoke billowing out of my car is when I used to smoke… I did have the clutch break on my Saturn while I was driving down the interstate. $1,200 dollars to repair, then killed the car in an untimely fight with a utility-pole about ten days later… I miss my Saturn.

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