Thoughts on the Meaning of Life… Todd Helmkamp

It’s Official!!!!

Posted by Vogeler on November 20, 2006

Today, at 10 am, Luke Nathaniel Dilley became Luke Nathaniel Helmkamp (I believe he was enjoying snack time while we were at the courthouse). Special thanks to our Attorney, Mr. Jeremy Musser (it’s who you know!). I give all of the honor and praise to God for this, as only by His Providence did this happen. I am so incredibly blessed. Thanks to all of you who supported us through this. Ain’t life grand?



8 Responses to “It’s Official!!!!”

  1. Adam said

    Congratulations Dad!

  2. joe said

    So, that’s about the best snack Luke has ever had, then!


  3. bethany said

    what an amazing glow that came upon your face when the judge declared it over. it was the happiest moment of my life. my baby finally has a father, and the best one in the world at that!

  4. Michael J. said

    Right on! I think you two will raise a swell child. And Todd… take your kid to the mountains often, just because I said so.

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  6. Abby! said

    Oh, Todd…I’m so happy for your family! If you were within reach, there would be much hugging of all of you!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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