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Women’s Coats

Posted by Vogeler on November 18, 2006

So I’m looking for a coat for my beloved wife. Hers is five years old. Coming apart at the seams (literally). And the zipper is broken so now it won’t zip. I tried to fix it. It’s just broke. So anywho, I’m looking for a coat. I want to get her a coat she’ll like. A coat she’ll be proud to wear. A coat that says, “Even though my husband is a nerd, he knows what looks good and he knows my style.”

I didn’t think it would be that hard. I mean, I know what a high thread count means. I know Egyptian Cotton is good. I know what color “oxblood” is (it’s maroon, but oxblood sounds fancier so stores can charge more for it). I was not prepared.

She wants a navy pea coat. Ok, I am the internet search guru. I’ll have this knocked out in no time. Wrong. eBay has almost nothing. Strike one. Most of them are over $100. Strike two. I forget what size of coat she wears. Strike three.

By this time, I’ve been searching off-and-on for 3 hours (work for 30 minutes, search for five). I finally find one on sale. It’s her size (I broke down and asked her. I bet she’ll be surprised now). One problem: the only color left is a really nasty green. I love green. It’s one of my favorites. Not this green. Think rotten, moldy key-lime pie. Yeah.

So, basically, the thrust of this post (besides venting) is to ask for suggestions. Websites (preferably!), stores (if I have to), etc.

Of course, since she reads my blog, she’s gonna figure it out. But she’s pretty smart. I bet she’s figured it out anyway.

Have a pretty good Saturday. If you’re at church tonight, I might see you. But I might pretend I didn’t. That was a joke. No it wasn’t. Yes, it was. Thanks for stopping by.



4 Responses to “Women’s Coats”

  1. Adam said

  2. joe said

    I second the I was thinkin’ it, but I didn’t have a chance to leave a comment till now.

    Oh, and try, too.

  3. Michael J. said

    Umm… Goodwill. Good feels good because good will! Goodwill hunting? Hunting! That’s it! Just go hunting! Shoot a deer and have an native-american spirit-guide make Bethany a coat! I’ve always liked Kohls. *chuckle*

    **~Please note that no offense was meant in regards to Native Americans. I think they are just swell~**

  4. Carma said

    Try Burlington Coat Factory down my Jefferson Pointe. They are bound to have Peacoats. Come one, it’s a coat store for pete’s sake!

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